Madre Tierra

Natures way collection, necklacer, ring and bracelet worn on model
wing ring, necklace and bracelet on model

Madre Tierra is a growing collections inspired by nature. featuring bracelets, rings, necklaces and earrings with wings of different insects. Using elements such as water, earth, wind and fire to create a beautiful piece for everyday wear.

We are donating a percentage of the sales of this collection to a local organization called Däzû Brigada de Protección de Fauna Silvestre de San Miguel de Allende. To help with the wild animals in the region. If you’d like to know more of this organization search on Facebook or instagram for their page. You can shop on my website or visit my showroom to contribute to this great project!äzü-Brigada-de-Proteccion-de-Fauna-Silvestre-de-San-Miguel-de-Allende-Gto-106403825210127