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Welcome to my world!

It all started at the Sunday market with my sister in law. Our first market since the pandemic. We were talking about giving life and energy to our websites and turning it into a store front. So here I am, starting a blog of my work, my life and how I navigate from being a mother to a full time jeweler. 

My name is Crystal Victoria, I’ve been making jewelry since 1997. I’ve taken a few workshops and classes but I consider myself mostly self taught. In 2009 I moved back to my hometown San Miguel de Allende, after a while I took classes with Billy King, a Canadian jeweler that has been teaching in town for over 30 years. He opened so many creative windows for me and that’s when I decided I would dedicate fully to my jewels. I adore watching the silver change stages from solid to liquid. From silver to red to gold! Watching the metal glow like that made me fall in love with this trade. I also have a strong fascination for stones. So for 24 years, I’ve been collecting stones, tools, metals. Learning new techniques and sharing them with people around me. My whole world was jewelry and gemstones until in 2019, on April 2nd, at 4:48  am, in the comfort of our home, my son, Oliver Geronimo Hart was born. I had the idea of putting him in the sling and getting back in the studio in a few weeks. Ha!! Yeah right!! 

Long story short, it took me a year to fully get that I had a baby and accepting that the studio had to go on standby for a while.

I’d love to invite you to join my world, where I will be sharing a monthly newsletter with what we are doing as a family, as an artist, mother and friend.  

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